XP1 bracket.jpg

XP1 Bill Acceptor - GPT's Extreme Performer.

The XP1's commercially inspired design provide durability and flexibility for a wide range of applications, even in the harshest of environments. The XP1 features unrivalled quality and performance. 

Standard Features

  • Barcode reader (four - way option)
  • Belt less transport and gear driven note stacker
  • 99.8% acceptance rates
  • Proven anti - tampering features
  • High security note handling
  • Sleep mode for power consumption (50hA)

Banknote Validation

  • High speed four - way acceptance of all bank - notes from 600mm to 79mm wide
  • GPT's patented RGBI optical sensing provides unsurpassed recognition and security
  • 77 international currency databases available
  • Banknote databases can be customized for multi - country, multi - note configurations
  • Validation and stacking cycle less than 3.5 seconds


  • FLG fits the international gaming mechanical envelope
  • Door  or shelf bracket mounting
  • Up or down stack with front or rear loading stackers
  • choice of 200, 400, 600 or 1000 note stacker

Communication protocols

  • Standard - V2.2 Serial and MDB (multi - drop bus), VFM , ccTalk A2A
  • Optional -ID003,  High Level Pulse

Optional Features

  • GPT's Patented SDA (soft Drop Analyzer) technology records all transactions
  • External Power Supply available for 10VAC to 230VAC
  • Various insertion bezels
  • Extended temperature configuration available for up to 80C

Power Source and Requirements

  • 12VDV supply option 250ma @ 12V idle; 2.5A operational, max
  • 24VDC supply option: 150ma @ 24V idle; 1.5A operational max
  • 12VDC supply option: 50hA until insertion 2.% operation, low power standby

Environmental Factors

  • Temperature range -15C to 65C (5F to 149F)
  • Range extended to +80C with optional cooling fan
  • Humidity range from 5% to 95% RH non condensing

Shipping Weight

  • With 200 bill cash box and enclosure 5.15lbs (2.34kg)
  • With 400 bill cash box and enclosure 8.95lbs  (4kg)
  • With 600 bill cash box and enclosure 6.37lbs (2.89kgs)
  • With 1000 bill cash box and enclosure  7.5lbs (3.4kgs)